Another Take On The Lamborghini Cabrera Rendered

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As if we weren't already excited enough about the new baby Lambo.

Speculation abounds on the subject of just what we'll be getting when Lamborghini finally unveils the Cabrera, the official replacement for best-selling-of-all-time Lamborghini model, the Gallardo. We've previously run renderings of our own, but when it comes to a new Lambo, more than just one rendering artist is going to want to take a stab at it. This time around, we have not only a rendering of the coupe version of the car, but also the spyder version which Lamborghini is sure to build.

Like the other renderings, these have included a fair amount of styling touches borrowed from the big brother Aventador. This is a styling direction which Lamborghini is sure to take with the car, although just how much will be Aventador and how much will be original isn't yet known. The car is expected to carry over the 5.1-liter V10 engine from the Gallardo, tuned to produce about 600 horsepower. But mystery still surrounds the car, and we don't even know when it is that we'll actually see it in its production-ready glory. Here's hoping it might be at the upcoming Frankfurt Auto Show.

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