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Another Tesla Model S Has Caught on Fire

Only this time it wasn't even plugged in.

This just seems to keep happening. Another Tesla Model S has reportedly caught on fire in Toronto, Canada. Unlike a few previous situations where the EV actually struck an object while driving, this Model S caught on fire while sitting in its owner’s garage. And it was unplugged from its charging unit. The fire reportedly took place earlier this month. Details are still coming in, but the car’s owner had supposedly just come home from driving the car and parked it in his garage.

Suddenly, the fire alarm began sounding and a fire broke out, which was described as "intense." Firefighters arrived on the scene and managed to put out the blaze and no one was hurt. Tesla offered to pay the owner for any damaged sustained, but he declined. Meanwhile, the EV automaker is launching a full investigation. Some initial guesses as to how the fire started could involve the car’s electrical system and/or charging components. For now, neither Tesla nor the owner are saying much, but this case will surely be followed closely and answers will hopefully be given.

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