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Theo Chin thinks the Santa Fe would make a good starting point for a pickup.

In case you didn't notice, Hyundai has by now propelled itself into the #4 slot on the list of the world's automakers. That means it makes more cars than Ford, Nissan, Honda… heck, just about everyone, save GM, Volkswagen and Toyota. But it didn't get there by sticking to budget hatchbacks. These days Hyundai makes everything from sedans and wagons to crossovers and minivans and even sport coupes. Next up, the Korean automaker is said to be considering entering the pickup truck market.

Here, our favorite rendering artist Theophilus Chin has dreamt up what the Hyundai pickup could look like. This impression appears closely based on the latest Santa Fe, only with a short pickup bed out back instead of a wagon bodystyle. In that respect, it looks closer to a Volkswagen Amarok than it does to a full-size truck like the Chevy Silverado or Ford F-150, and would more likely see overseas sales in this form than in the US, where Hyundai would need something bigger and bolder to go up against the big players.

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