Any Future BMW M Supercar Will Definitely Be A Hybrid

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Get this: a concept already exists.

BMW engineers would love to do it. BMW management would also be totally down, but the question of whether or not the German automaker will one day build a supercar boils down to money, according to Australia's Drive. Speaking with BMW M's vice president of sales and marketing Peter Quintus at Shanghai last week, Drive directly asked about a potential Audi R8 fighter. Quintus' reply was somewhat vague, claiming there are no specific plans for such a project at this time, however, this doesn't mean it'll never happen.

In fact, a concept for a new BMW M supercar already exists. "At the moment, our priorities are on other issues," Quintus said. "The two big factors beyond that are our development capacity and also the investment required. We would love do it. Our engineers would love to do it. But there has to be the money to do it." Aside from the small issue of money, Quintus was quite clear that if this supercar were to come to fruition, it'll definitely be a hybrid. These days, given increasing emissions standards, "you couldn't stay with a conventional approach" to a supercar. "It should be at least a plug-in (electric)," Quintus added.

But what's really interesting is that, yes, concepts already exists (at least on paper) and that BMW already knows "what it would look like" if the greenlight were given. But the bigger question is, aside from the financial side, is whether this hypothetical plug-in supercar could one day replace the i8? That's exactly what BMW is discussing right now, and a decision should come in the semi near future.

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