Anyone can pick up girls in a 458 Italia

Here’s the proof.

The gold digger prank involving Vitaly and a Lamborghini Gallardo was the first social experiment to prove that girls lust over money, and some dudes have provided further evidence with this video involving more shallow ladies and one sexy-looking Ferrari 458 Italia – a car that’s plainly impossible to resist. They’re not the worst looking guys in the world, but they’re also no Robert Pattinson. So while their advances are initially brushed away, once the 458 rears its pretty red head it’s as if the ladies' logic and common sense fly out the window.

Friends and boyfriends are ditched for a ride with a complete stranger, while one unsuspecting hussy openly admits it’s the car she wants to spend time with, not the guy. In short, if you’re experiencing trouble picking up chicks, save up some cash and rent a supercar for the day. You’re guaranteed plenty of action.

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