Anyone Here Believe The Ford Focus ST Is A Budget-Priced Ferrari?

Kind of a stretch but at least listen to the argument.

Because life’s unfair, chances are most of us will never own a Ferrari. We know. It blows. However, there are other more affordable options out there. In fact, you could probably manage to swing one of them right now, and it’s called the Ford Focus ST. OK, so dropping down from supercar territory to a hot hatch probably isn’t what you had in mind. That’s fair. But if you’re looking for a powerful car that’s fun-to-drive and has enough space for everything from trips to Costco to toddlers and a dog, then the Focus ST may just be the answer.

It comes with a smooth-shifting six-speed manual, and Ford even offers it in Tangerine Scream paint. That just sounds pretty damn cool, although we hear that paint option can be hard to come by. Anyway, XCAR recently took the Focus ST out for a test spin because Ford invited them to do so in Spain. Nice.

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