Anyone Want to Buy an F1 Car?

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Pirelli is stuck with a 2011 HRT F111, and nobody seems to want it.

Every year, each of the dozen or so F1 teams on the grid develops a new car and builds a handful of them to race in grands prix around the world. But what happens to the cars when the season is done? Some end up in museums, and some are bought by wealthy enthusiasts. But both those fates depend on the car in question and the team that made it actually performing well on the track. And HRT was not one of those teams. Shorthand for the Hispania Racing Team, the Spanish outfit failed to score a single championship point, let alone a podium finish or race win.

With no sponsors to offset the considerable costs of running an F1 team, it ultimately folded last year, and most of its cars unfortunately ended up scrapped for parts. Pirelli took possession of one 2011-spec F111 (with no engine or transmission) in lieu of payment for the tires which the Italian rubber company supplied. Pirelli figured it would use the car for publicity purposes (instead of as a test car for next year's tire compounds), but it turned out that nobody wanted it. So Pirelli plans to put it on eBay and donate the proceeds to charity. The question is how much (if anything) anyone will be willing to pay for it.

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