Apex AP-0 All-Electric Supercar Will Be Built In The US

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But that also means a price hike.

Recently, there have been reports that the new automaker Apex's plans to produce the AP-0 electric supercar in the UK had fallen through and would be produced in America with a massive price hike. Fox News reported that the "final assembly will take place in a location in the Little Haiti neighborhood in Miami in partnership with the owner of Supercar Rooms Miami," and the AP-0 would start at $350,000.

CarBuzz reached out to the Hong Kong-based automaker seeking confirmation and learned that the car will still be produced in the UK for Europe, but the car will be built in Miami for the US market only.


"There are concrete plans to assemble the AP-0 cars in Miami but those cars will be sold to the local US market only. The collaboration with Attucks Futures and Technology is confined to the US region and will not affect the production, sales of the AP-0 and future models' development in the UK and/or other potential regions in the rest of the world," Ernie Yu, Chief Advisor for Apex Motors told us in an email. A final price has yet to be announced.

This makes the US production an expansion on Apex's plans for the 650-horsepower electric supercar claimed to be lighter than a Lotus Evija. The revelation comes alongside the brand's announcement that former Fugee and current solo artist and car enthusiast Wyclef Jean contributed to developing the car's smart audio system. Jean is behind the Attucks Futures and Technology company.


According to Apex, the audio system will deliver an "enhanced music and sound experience, analyzing the driver and playing song selections that best fit the mood for optimal driving experience." In other words, the car will help the way you rock when you're doing your thing.

Apex also confirmed the price increase, saying: "Regarding the price, we can confirm that the starting price has been adjusted as there is a tremendous increase in the cost of logistics, manpower, raw material, manufacturing infrastructure over the years, also with the newly added innovative features of the car, such as a revolutionary sound system, etc."

The Apex AP-0 made its official US debut at The 28th Amelia Island Concours event in Florida on March 5.


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