APG's Bronco ProRunner Might Be A Cheaper Alternative To The Mighty Braptor

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It's made by the Automotive Performance Group.

Automotive Performance Group (APG) has introduced a new performance package for the Ford Bronco called the ProRunner.

The ProRunner makes Ford's Sasquatch package look tame, and even the mighty Ford Bronco Raptor will shy away from a battle with this beast. Available on all 2021 and later models, the ProRunner package turns the humble Bronco into a Baja beast capable of obscene acts of off-roading.

The Ford Bronco has to be one of the most aggressive off-road vehicles to hit the scene in a very long time, and the aftermarket tuning scene adores these body-on-frame machines. Despite the slew of heavily modified Broncos cruising around American roads, there can be only one top dog, and APG might just be it.


Like any hardcore off-roader, the ProRunner's suspension system is the first to receive attention. APG adds a long travel front suspension system with 3.5-inch wider upper and lower control arms to bag an additional 16.5 inches of wheel travel when fitted with 37-inch tires or 14.5 inches of travel with 40-inch rubber.

The ProRunner also benefits from a set of King Race Series 3.0-inch coilovers mated to 2.5-inch triple bypass shock absorbers. The entire setup is enclosed in a reinforced shock tower setup.

The rear suspension setup includes King coilovers and shocks, while a track bar and billet control arms increase rear travel considerably.


The axles and rear end have naturally been upgraded, too. The rear features Dana 60 bits, and you'll find an Ultimate Dana 44 IFS unit in the front. The RVC heavy-duty axles are constructed from 300 M steel.

This Bronco is also considerably wider than the standard car. It's 14 inches, to be exact, and APG offers its customers Aerospace-grade carbon wheel flares in three-quarter, 3-, or 5-inch sizing.

This package can be fitted to two- and four-door Bronco models with the 2.3-liter four-cylinder or 2.7-liter six-cylinder turbocharged engines.

APG doesn't give exact pricing on these tasty modifications, but for around $16,000, you can get the stage 1 ProRunner kit for the Ford Ranger. Expect to pay closer to $30k for the complete ProRunner treatment.


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