Apollo Intensa Emozione Is An Extreme Track Toy With 780-HP On Tap

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This has to be the most extreme hypercar we've seen in a long time.

Back in the summer, details were leaked about Apollo's upcoming hardcore hypercar, the Intensa Emozione - the first car to be produced by the company since Gumpert was brought back from the dead by Hong Kong-based investment fund Ideal Team Venture. Following last year's reveal of the Apollo Arrow concept at the Geneva Motor Show, Apollo has lifted the wraps off the track-only Intensa Emozione as the company's first production car - and it's easily one of the most extreme hypercars we've seen in a long time.


Let's get straight to the specifications. Instead of packing a technically advanced hybrid powertrain like in most modern hypercars, the Apollo Intensa Emozione is decidedly old-school. Under the hood is a naturally aspirated 6.3-liter V12 engine that revs up to 9,000 rpm and produces a hefty 780 horsepower and 560 lb-ft of torque, allowing the hypercar to hit 62 mph from a standstill in just 2.7 seconds before topping out at 207 mph. Power is sent through a six-speed sequential gearbox with fully interchangeable gear ratios. It's operated via electro-pneumatic paddle shifters that move with the steering wheel. Carbon fiber is used extensively on the body and chassis.

As a result, the Apollo IE tips the scales at 1,250 kg with a 45:55 front/rear weight distribution. Like the Gumpert Apollo before it, the Apollo IE's outlandish design looks otherworldly. It's a feast for the eyes thanks to its advanced aerodynamics comprising a huge front splitter, adjustable dive planes, and a ludicrously large rear wing among other enhancements. It all helps to create over 1350 kgs of downforce to keep it planted to the ground at high speed. "We felt that all the technological advancement and automation in today's supercars took away the pure, raw emotional connection between driver and car," said Apollo's founder Norman Choi.

"We wanted to build a car that would fill that void separating car and driver. So we built the Apollo IE." Unsurprisingly, the Apollo IE rides on a carbon fiber monocoque chassis to reduce weight and increase rigidity, as well as a carbon fiber front and rear subframe. The entire chassis, including the monocoque, front and rear subframes, only weighs 105 kg. A hardcore hypercar capable of reaching speeds over 200 mph needs equally extreme stopping power, which is why Apollo has fitted the IE with Brembo carbon ceramic brakes. 380×34 mm six-piston calipers are at the front, while 380×34 mm four-piston calipers are at the rear.

The IE also features Formula One inspired double wishbone suspension with full push-rod and rocker arm architecture on both the front and rear, along with adjustable anti-roll bars. There are also adjustable Bilstein dampers that can be configured in three modes: Comfort, Sport, and Auto. Three engine map-modes are available, including Track, Sport and Wet, along with 12 levels of adjustable traction control to help you get acquainted with the savage hypercar. Inside, the seats are tailor made to match the unique measurements of the owner, while the digital instrument cluster is designed to keep the driver focused on the road.

Cameras are implemented into the side mirrors to display a rear view on screens alongside the main information screen on the center console. To retain its exclusivity, Apollo is only building 10 examples of the IE hypercar costing $2.7 million each. You do get several other perks aside from owning one of the most extreme track toys ever built, however. Owners will be eligible to enter the Apollo Time Attack series, help develop the IE and future Apollo cars from their inception, and be invited to private testing sessions.

Apollo Automobil
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