Apollo Tells Us Why Its Cars Will Be Better Than Ferrari's

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And Koenigsegg...and Pagani...and Porsche.

When you go and buy a supercar, hypercar or a track version of either, expect for there to be serious maintenance costs involved. It's not like one just pays for the car itself and calls it a day. Quite the opposite. These types of cars cost thousands of dollars a year to maintain, road or track. But Apollo wants to do things differently, as we've already learned. Speaking with head designer Joe Wong, we were told that the upcoming V12-powered Arrow Titan and twin-turbo V8 Arrow S will offer a level of durability unmatched by their closest rivals.


"We are aiming to build a car that you can go out without the fear of things falling apart, fear of mechanical issues and maintenance issues, without a big technical team on standby," Wong stated. "We want to create something you can just drive hard and thoroughly enjoy without fear it will break or is in need of maintenance after a few laps." How will this seemingly impossible technical and mechanical miracle be made possible? One man: James Glickenhaus. Thanks to Apollo's new partnership with Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG) and Italian manufacturing house Manifattura Automobili Torino (MAT), the company formerly known as Gumpert will benefit from chassis technology developed for the SCG003C track beast.

Unlike, say, Ferraris, Porsches, and Koenigseggs, future Apollo production cars will be able to withstand grueling track day sessions without costing their owners multiple trips to the ATM machine. What does this mean for the future of supercars and hypercars in general? A lot, actually. If an upstart boutique supercar company can engineer a car that can withstand a track day smack down without any major (or even minor) mechanical issues, then the likes of Ferrari will undoubtedly have to follow suit in the very near future.

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