Apparently Cars Of The Future Will Be Built By Human/Robot Hybrids

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Technology may be going a little too far.

To streamline car production, automakers have made every possible aspect of the assembly line automatic, but now Volkswagen wants to turn its human workers into partial cyborgs. In an attempt to reduce accidents and speed up assembly, Volkswagen is implementing 3D glasses for its assembly line workers to wear while piecing together cars. Much like Google Glass, the eye wear will interact with workers to help ensure they are using the right parts during assembly.

A camera in the glasses will double as a barcode scanner, which will read parts and highlight the correct choice in green so the worker knows it's needed next. If a worker makes the wrong choice, the part is highlighted in red to inform them of the error. The glasses will also tell workers where needed parts are stored to save time. Users will be able to use voice commands or touch commands to interact with the glasses. Workers who feel like the tech would be a nuisance can work without the glasses, but it would be helpful to have them in order to make building newly released cars easier. Hopefully these glasses will prevent workers from installing those pesky cheat devices that got them in so much trouble.

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