Apparently Chris Evans Is Very Surprised That Jeremy Clarkson Got Fired


He also says that Clarkson is his personal hero.

Jeremy Clarkson really was a rock n' roll legend. He never touched an instrument, but if the character we saw on "Top Gear" has any resemblance to the real walking and talking Clarkson then we can be sure that his life is just as interesting as any rock and roll hall of famer's. His rebellious antics, disregard for feelings, and ability to turn even the most dire of situations into an off-the-cuff comedy show made him a star. His passion for and knowledge of cars were secondary to his television success.

Thing is, the BBC should have known that they hired a loose cannon, so why did they fire him after his latest fracas? That’s the question that new "Top Gear" host Chris Evans was pondering during a recent interview with British GQ. The short interview says a lot about how Evans feels about the show. Apparently he is surprised that Clarkson was fired for a punch despite his many other scandals, slip-ups, and casual bigotry. He goes on to say that Clarkson is one of his personal heroes despite all of the drama because underneath his childish and out of control personality is some serious talent. Evans references Clarkson’s ability to explain incredibly complex concepts in a way that a six-year old can understand, and how that's part of what made him so great.

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Part of the reason he was so good at explaining these automotive concepts to viewers on many different levels of understanding, age six or otherwise, was that Clarkson is a child at heart. This means that information left his mouth clear as crystal and was entertaining enough to hold both the attention of children and adults But the fact still remains: Clarkson is old news for the BBC. That’s why British GQ also confronted Evans about his picks of Sabine Schmitz and Rory Reid, a woman and a black man, to join the show as presenters. Some speculated that he did this to be politically correct, but Evans insists that his choice was based purely on the pair's talent.