Apparently Chris Evans Wants The BBC To Pay Him Less


Hopefully it isn't because he's relaxing on the job.

The Panama Papers, documents that reveal the illegal offshore accounts of many rich and powerful people, may be the underreported Watergate scandal of our generation. However, documents regarding employee pay are a bit more transparent in the UK, or at least they're about to be. This has Chris Evans asking the BBC for a lower salary, which makes us wonder how much he's making. Right now, the British government is getting ready to submit the White Papers to Parliament. These papers are supposed to detail how much government employees are paid.

The BBC is a bit frightened because the report will be used to determine how programs are funded for the next ten years. The BBC has to submit a list of every employee who makes a salary of more than £150,000 (or $218,000), which includes the Ferrari LaFerrari-owning Evans. His response? Evans told the BBC to, "just pay us less." According to Evans, the things he gets to do make his work a dream job, and some of the stunts that Top Gear pulls aren't even possible to do for any sum of money. Besides, Evans doesn't exactly seem to have the most strenuous work schedule, having told BBC 2 listeners that he is useless and fried by 2pm. To his credit, it seems like his job is stressful, especially when he has such big shoes to fill.

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