Apparently It's Easy To Hate The New Porsche 911 Turbo S

Motoring TV

Although that depends on if you're a cynic or not.

Those whoaren’t huge Porsche fans have a hard time explaining why there are so manycopies of the Porsche 911 roaming the Earth. For the money it costs to buy one,there are plenty of other supercars available that are just as fast, greatdrivers cars, and look better than the souped-up Beetle. The other half of thatgroup contains the 911 diehards, and as such, they know all about the allure ofthe rear-engine beast from Stuttgart. They may be wondering, is the new Turbo S that much better than the old one?

In the name of clearing things up for the latter half, Chris Harris jumps behind the wheel of the famed Porsche.

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For $188,100, the two-door supercar pulls off incredible track performance while maintaining daily drivability, all while keeping things civilized and luxurious inside the cabin. In the process of getting to the heart of the car, Harris determines that there is a cynical way to see it and a positive outlook. The cynics will see a very fast and slightly blunted instrument. That's because it's no GT3 RS although it has the power to match. Meanwhile the positivists will recognize its ability to be a supercar jack-or-all-trades with speed for races and comfort for everything else. Still, the ability for the 911 to paint the pavement by hanging the rear out even with four-wheel drive is impressive, and for that, we’ll remain on the side of the positivists.