Apple CEO Predicts Massive Change Is Around The Corner For The Auto Industry

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This may actually be good news for gearheads.

The automotive world is always changing. Manual transmissions give way to double-clutch systems, computers give bad drivers the ability to drift, and sensors make sure that the driving experience goes from an engaged one to an autonomous act. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, who spoke at a Wall Street Journal event in California, a "massive change" is coming to the auto industry. Cook is predicting the change as a result of leaps in autonomous driving tech and electric vehicle sophistication.

As of now, computers aid the way we drive, but soon they may take over the task completely. This announcement comes after Apple stole some employees from companies involved in making self-driving tech, electric vehicles, and mainstream auto companies. With ride-share companies, self-driving technology, and alternatively fueled cars becoming more normal, Cook may be right about the future of transportation. Hopefully future gearheads will have the option to drive. Having a car to drive intoxicated people home from the bar or drive itself through rush hour traffic would be no good if the owner can't retain the ability to have a bit of fun with their right foot.

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