Apple Co-Founder Wants To Drop His Model S For A Chevrolet Bolt


We're obviously not talking about Steve Jobs here...

In Silicon Valley, Steve Wozniak’s word carries a lot of weight. He was one of the co-founders of Apple after all. With that in mind Elon Musk must be feeling pretty salty after seeing a recent Facebook post from Woz that featured a photo of him and the Chevrolet Bolt. The caption read: “I expect to be switching cars soon!” Wozniak is the owner of a Tesla Model S. In responding to comments on the photo he made it clear that Chevy’s new EV has the edge over the Tesla sedan in a few areas.

When asked by a Facebook follower if the Bolt was an addition or replacement, Woz responded with a lengthy comment commending the GM product. It read in part: “Knowing myself, it may replace the Tesla. A lot of complaints about the Tesla that my wife and I have are solved in this car. It's not just some name where you have to take a side. The user conveniences are well thought out and the functionality is great.” In the same comment he also mentioned that he and his wife would need to test out the Bolt to see how it does on road trips. That may prove troublesome as the Bolt has a max range of 200 mileswhereas the new Model S P100D's is 315 miles. Then there’s the issue of Supercharging stations. Tesla has them and GM doesn’t.

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But that doesn’t seem to matter to Wozniak, at least not at the moment. He went as far as to say that, “After seeing the insides and the UI, Tesla will have a difficult time selling me a Model 3. A lot of things wrong with the Tesla model S are done correctly (my opinion) in this car.” Should Wozniak buy a Bolt he’ll own two GM products at the opposite ends of the efficiency spectrum. What’s the least fuel-efficient car GM has ever made? That’s right, the H1 Hummer. Woz has one of those and the Bolt may soon join it in his garage.

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