Apple Founder Wozniak Claims First Model X Delivery

How many iPhone 6s did he give Musk for that?

Posted in his personal Twitter feed, Apple founder SteveWozniak claims he has taken delivery of a “new Tesla,” which appears to be aprototype of the upcoming Model X crossover SUV. While it looks real enough, wehaven’t seen any reports of Tesla actually rolling any of these future modelsoff their production lines, nor has the company confirmed Wozniak’s claim inany official press release. Production of the falcon-doored car isn't expectedtill sometime next year.

Wozniak’s Tweet doesn't include any details about the unithe purportedly took delivery of. Seeing as the picture was snapped at Teslasupercharging station, we assume this is just some sort of company prototypethat Wozniak managed to get his hands on. Still, it looks pretty slick, and wecertainly wouldn't mind taking it for a spin ourselves.

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