Apple Granted First Vehicle-Related Patent And It's Even Weirder Than Expected

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The Apple car inches closer to reality.

Apple was just awarded its very first vehicle-related patent from the U.S. patent office. The release of the patent is the first concrete evidence we have that Apple is in fact working on some sort of vehicle program. If this patent will actually be used on a future Apple car, it would go directly against recent claims that the tech-giant is favoring a more software focused approach. Clearly this evidence suggests Apple is set on producing a physical car.

The patent filed jointly by Apple and BAE Systems is for a steering device for an articulated vehicle and also covers the invention of an articulated vehicle. An articulated vehicle, for those unfamiliar, is a vehicle that is designed to turn in a sharper radius thanks to a permanent or semi-permanent pivoting join at the center of its construction. The other name on the patent is BAE Systems, known for producing military vehicles such as infantry fighting and armored all-terrain vehicles. We highly doubt Apple is creating a military vehicle, however. It's more than likely simply partnering with BAE in order to use its articulated vehicle expertise.

It would be an extremely risky proposition for Apple to release a tracked vehicle as its first foray into the car world, although everyone thought Tesla was crazy when it released its first electric vehicle. Apple has a track record of coming up with interesting designs so we can't wait to see what this patent will mean for the future of the Apple car.

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