Apple Is Apparently Serious About Building Self-Driving EV That'll Likely Not Suck

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Could the "iCar" change the world like the iPod/iPad/iPhone?

Although Apple has yet to acknowledge it, a new Reuters report claims the technology giant is keen to get into the auto business. We know, we've heard this rumor before but apparently now Apple is getting serious. Why? Good question. So far, we know that Apple has been gathering information by consulting with carmakers, auto parts suppliers, and other sources familiar with the auto industry.

Apple is essentially gathering advice on parts and production methods with a specific focus on electronics and self-driving cars. An anonymous insider source told Reuters that, bottom line, "It's a software game. It's all about autonomous driving." Also worth noting is that Apple doesn't "appear to want a lot of help from carmakers." Instead, Apple could just recruit/steal specialized and experienced auto industry veterans away. For example, back in September Apple hired the former head of research and development at Mercedes-Benz. The Wall Street Journal also reported last week that Apple has already set up a secret lab to develop its own electric car.

The project is supposedly code-named "Titan," which is being led by a former Ford engineer who's currently recruiting a team of around 1,000 individuals. Sound somewhat crazy, especially for a software and hardware tech company? Perhaps, but just look at Google: it's been very public about its autonomous driving and future car ambitions. Apple is simply quietly working on its response.

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