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Apple Looking to Buy Tesla? Anything's Possible

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Could a potential buyout be in the works?

You've more than likely heard the occasional rumor regarding GM and even Apple buying EV automaker Tesla. Apple founder Steve Jobs even mentioned how he'd like to one day build an "iCar." Since Job's death, Apple has been buying various hardware and software companies that it sees as vital to its core businesses. And now word has gotten out that Apple's merger and acquisitions chief had a secret meeting with Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk last spring.

What did the two discuss? It remains a mystery for everyone not directly involved, but this does provide the strongest clue yet of a potential future Apple-Tesla partnership. But here's the thing: Apple probably needs Tesla more than Tesla needs Apple. A high-profile banking analyst even urged Apple last fall to grab up Tesla because such a buyout would be "radical and potentially transformative" and would really push "Apple's innovation drive." Again, what's in it for Tesla (aside from another big pay day for Musk)? We're not so sure, but perhaps some sort of partnership, instead of an outright buyout, is the better approach.

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