Apple May Be Calling It Quits On Building A Self-Driving Car


But that doesn't mean it's done with the auto industry entirely.

It turns out Apple may not be making its own car after all, at least if a new Bloomberg report is to be believed. The tech giant has been on a hiring spree lately, snatching talent from companies such as Tesla, Aston Martin and even Blackberry. However, Bloomberg's sources say that Apple's plans may have moved away from building an actual car. Instead, the tech company is focusing on developing self-driving software (and/or hardware) that can be used by other auto manufacturers. That being said, it's still considering making a car.

This new report goes directly against most of the recent reports suggesting that Apple is charging full steam ahead on car production. Maybe the company has realized just what a massive undertaking building a car is? And hell, once the car is built it's not all smooth sailing from there. Just ask Tesla. If Apple is indeed shifting, or "pivoting" in Silicon Valley speak, to self-driving technology the move is a smart one. It makes sense considering the technological talent and experience Apple has. Once the self-driving technology has proven itself, Apple would then purchase or partner with a larger automaker. Apple has a ton of cash and could easily buy out a smaller independent car company.

As with all things Apple, the company has been extremely tight-lipped about its car program. In fact, no one there has even admitted that such a program exists. Internally there have been rumblings that the automotive project, labeled Project Titan, would get a ship date of 2019. Wait, never mind, that was recently changed to 2021. Since we're five years away from Apple showing us anything at all, our best advice to those holding their breath for a self-driving iCar is to not get your hopes up.

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