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Consider it a temp position as someone recovers from a case of pneumonia.

So we all know that Jeremy Clarkson has been grounded, temporarily, with a serious case of pneumonia. Richard Hammond and his busted up knee are still recovering from another mishap. That leaves James May. He's doing just fine. For now. Anyway, Amazon Prime figures that Clarkson's recovering isn't proceeding as fast as they thought it would, so a temporarily host for The Grand Tour is being sought. In fact, there's even a job posting for it on Amazon's jobs webpage.

The job description specifically states that "Amazon Prime Video is seeking a host for an original TV series to be seen around the world. Currently, there is a temporary position to cover an absence due to pneumonia.The successful application will join a long-established team of variously sized co-hosts and possess a strong knowledge of cars, metaphors and progressive rock music. This host will have a proven track record in effectively dealing with colleagues that they find annoying and being lost in unknown locations. They must be entertaining, engaging and willing to pause before delivering the final word or words of some sentences. Please note: Preference will be given to especially tall candidates with curly hair."

You really ought to know by now that Amazon is merely having some fun here. It could even be sort of an in-house prank on Clarkson. Still funny though. Here are the "job" responsibilities: "This role will work closely with the existing hosts, with duties including (but not limited to) accidentally setting things on fire, handling heavy machinery (badly) and being able to bloody-mindedly argue a point that no one will ever agree. Driving the world's fastest and most exciting cars while talking to camera. Ability to do this without crashing would be considered an advantage, but not essential (apparently)."

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Basic qualifications: Valid driver's license. British English including advanced qualification in exaggeration and braggadocio. At least 6.5+ million followers on Twitter or similar social media network." Happy applying, everyone. Head over to the Amazon jobs website to get started.

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