Arab Supercars Wreak Havoc At The Nurburgring

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Lots of noise and bright colors.

Over the weekend, the Supercars Club Arabia went on its so-called "Euroabia Tour." Of course, the Nurburgring was high up on the club's agenda, and thanks to YouTuber yd222 we have this awesome footage of some of the spectacular cars that were out in force around the track. These included a purple McLaren P1, a Bugatti Veyron, a few Lamborghini Aventadors, and a Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale packing a mean-sounding Kreissieg exhaust system.

At around the 50-second mark, there's one very hairy moment with a Ferrari 458 Speciale. According to the video taker, the Italian exotic missed him by no more than a meter. And just listen to the Aventador soon after, as it revs down past the Lindner Hotel near the racetrack.

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