Arash Unveils 2000 Horsepower Monster Hypercar At Geneva

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There's more to it than just speed.

At the Geneva Motor Show Arash decided to unveil a monster instead of a car. Behind the curtain was the AF10, a car that on paper could redefine the hypercar segment. The AF10 uses four electric motors, each producing almost 300 horsepower, in conjunction with a 6.2-liter V8 engine that makes 900 horsepower. In total the AF10 has a combined horsepower rating of 2,080. Surprisingly the 0-60 mph time that Arash claims the AF10 can achieve is only 2.8 seconds, which is slower than a P1 which gets to 60 mph in 2.7.

It seems like technology is what drives this car forward, rather than just simple out and out speed. The chassis is a 13-piece carbon fiber tub mimicking that of an F1 car. Also, each motor (including the gas engine) has its own gearbox, which consist of two speeds for each electric motor and a six-speed unit for the V8. The car also has magnesium wheels, not unlike an F1 car. Arash is also going to offer a race version that comes with a roll cage, fire extinguisher and an intercom. More attention might be better focused on the racing version, as a car of this magnitude has virtually no place on the street. Regardless, it's great to see this car in the flesh.

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