Arcspeed Roadster: Australia's Other EV Supercar

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The second Australian electric supercar to surface in a fortnight will be available in a year's time.

You wait years for an Australian-made EV supercar and then two come along at once. The Varley evR450 recently debuted and just as we were warming to its uniqueness, another Aussie electric supercar has popped up vying for our attention. Expected to hit the market in about a year's time, the car was designed and engineered by one Ian Denner, a builder of Cobra and Ferrari GTO replicas hailing from a Sydney suburb.

The Arscpeed body was originally built back in 2006 with Honda Integra Type R running gear but supply problems ended the project without a single sale being made.

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The project has been revived with an electric drivertrain, and the few technical details released confirm the same 385lb-ft motor found in the Varley has been used and placed in the rear (although this may change when it hits production). The battery pack, consisting of 500 individual lithium-ion phosphate batteries, is mounted in the cockpit floor. Available in both left- and right-hand drive to accommodate export markets, the open-top electric supercar can sprint from 0-62mph in 3.8 seconds, matching the scissor-door Varney coupe, and has a 150km range with regular road driving.

For an additional fee, supplementary batteries can be accommodated providing up to 300km range, but with a slightly degraded performance due to their extra weight. The company hopes "to sell the car for less than $100,000", which is a fair price for an EV supercar delivering a decent combination of high performance and impressive range.

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