Are Black Wheels The Easiest Way To Make A Car Look Sporty?

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Can black wheels make any car look good?

What makes a car look sporty? If you ask this question to five different people you might get five different answers. In our opinion, your car's color has a lot to do with its perceived sportiness. We have covered many different amazing paint colors, but we may have ignored one very simple color, black. Black cars can be extremely elegant, but we are actually referring to wheels here. An increasing number of manufacturers have used black wheels to make a car "sportier." Even if the entire car is left untouched we think black wheels make cars look sportier.


Black wheels started off looking great on high performance cars like BMW's M models. Soon, manufacturers began to think "hey, why not put black wheels on normal models?" Whichever automotive executive came up with this idea should be rewarded handsomely for starting an amazing trend. Black rims really aren't anything new, even the Buick Grand National had them back in the 1980s. However, the trend of having them on cars has caught fire recently. Cars, particularly in America, have gone through phases where rims were silver or chrome. Those days are now long gone. Consumers are falling in love with black wheels, as well as dark grey wheels. We couldn't be happier. We love the way they look!

What is most amazing about the black wheel trend is that all types of cars can get in on the fun. Black wheels are not only cool on sports cars but trucks and SUVs as well. Even off-road icons like the Land Rover Defender look good with a set of black rims. These wheels go with any paint color and give cars a more aggressive look. Because painting the wheels black is a minor expense, base model cars can use them to mask cost-cutting measures. Chevrolet even used them on base models of the previous generation Camaro. While these rims weren't exactly beautiful, painting them black definitely made them look better. We can't think of too many modern cars that don't look good with black wheels.

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What makes this trend even more convenient is that painting your wheels is an easy way to give your car a fresh look. If you don't want to buy new wheels, wrapping your existing wheels or simply using a can of PlastiDip is far less expensive than painting the rest of the car. What do you think of the black wheel trend? Would you put them on your car? Let us know if you agree with this automotive trend!


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