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Are BMW and Lexus Conspiring on an LFA Replacement?

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Anything is possible, but this doesn't sound very likely.

OK, we know that BMW and Toyota signed and sealed an agreement to jointly develop a platform for a new sports car. In theory, this could eventually become a new Supra. BMW would benefit because it's looking for an eventual (and more fuel efficient) replacement for the Z4. Basically, BMW will receive Toyota's expertise in hybrid technology while Toyota will get BMW's sports car handling knowledge. Really not a bad deal at all.

But a Japanese auto magazine is convinced there's more to this business partnership than just a new Supra and next-gen Z4. Lexus Enthusiast first caught on to Best Car's story that Lexus and BMW are planning a proper LFA supercar replacement. This isn't the first time Best Car has written a new piece regarding this subject, and it remains convinced that such a project has quietly been underway for some time now. Like Lexus Enthusiast, we're not nearly as convinced. The LFA was developed entirely in-house.

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It was a glory moment for Toyota, and the chances that it would ask a competing brand to help with its supposed successor just don't sound right. Anyway, we've included a couple of renderings from Best Car showing what this BMW-assisted LFA successor could look like. We remain very skeptical about the whole thing.