Are Fisker And Apple Secretly Joining Forces?

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Or did Tim Cook just want to check out Henrik Fisker's latest?

Last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed the company's car project is dead. However, the self-driving technology developed will continue, but it needs a donor car. Will that donor come from Henrik Fisker? The Detroit Bureau reports, based on sources and a single image, that the sole Fisker EMotion electric vehicle in California turned up at Apple's Silicon Valley HQ recently. Could this be the beginning of a new partnership between the Danish designer and entrepreneur and one of the world's most powerful and influential companies?

Apple didn't respond to The Detroit Bureau's request for comment and Henrik Fisker declined to do so, thus leaving the door open to speculation. Look, anything's possible in terms of a joint Apple-Fisker car project. Like Apple, Fisker has had and continues to have a major design influence, so right there is some common ground. Apple has long been on the cutting edge of technology as well, and Fisker has also proven time and again he's a tech buff. However, due to a lack of a joint statement, this is nothing more than a rumor for now. The Detroit Bureau further adds that members of Apple's design team simply wanted to get a first-hand look at the Emotion, so it was driven up from Fisker HQ in Southern California.

It also remains unknown whether anyone at Apple actually drove the EV. Perhaps, just perhaps, this was the very first meeting that could one day lead to a deal where Apple self-driving tech is installed and tested in a Fisker. We like that concept very much, and as one individual present that day texted: "Advanced tech and amazing Fisker design." That's how you take the fight to Tesla. Photo courtesy of The Detroit Bureau via Auto Motor und Sport.

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