Are Japanese Sports Cars About To Make A Big Comeback?


These new renderings give us hope.

We've been hoping for a major Japanese sports car revival for a long time. So if these renderings of the next gen Nissan 370Z (Fairlady Z in Japan) and the hopeful Toyota Supra successor are any indication of what's to come, then our hopes may just be realized. The next Z car and Supra are two of the most highly anticipated next generation Japanese sports cars. Not too long ago, Toyota fanboys were treated to the awesome FT-1 concept, a hopeful preview of that new Supra.

And now we're being treated to fabulous renderings of what the new Toyota Supra and Nissan Z may look like in production form. Created by artist Theophilus Chin, the images are by no means official, but they certainly have our gearhead imaginations running wild with what could be possible. If the final production version of either of these two look anything like the renderings then we'd be absolutely thrilled. What are your thoughts?

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