Are More Ferrari Hybrids On the Way?

Possibly, but turbocharging appears to be the preferred choice for now.

Although Ferrari hasn’t ruled out the possibility of building a pure hybrid model at some point down the road, the Italian automaker’s CEO recently told a German publication a 458 hybrid successor "would be interesting." Amedeo Felisa was still cautious when choosing his words, however. Ferrari has "learned how hybrid technology works" thanks to the LaFerrari, but Felisa also added some interesting points that provide the clearest hint as to what we can expect in the near future.

For example, Felisa said that "when the LaFerrari electrical engineering alone costs around 60,000 Euros", one must also take into account "the technical and financial effort to compensate for the resulting additional weight" from the hybrid system. Ferrari has a goal of reducing emissions in all of its future models by about 20 percent, but Felisa doesn’t believe battery technology is where it needs to be just yet. Instead of going the full hybrid route (for now), Ferrari will continue with its plan to turbocharge its entire lineup – including the 458 successor. However, don’t be surprised to see some forms of mild hybrid technology utilized at the same time.

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