Are New Tesla Owners Mistaking Model S for a Prius?

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Are new Tesla owners failing to realize they are not driving a Prius or is there a deeper problem here?

Earlier this week a Tesla owner crashed his brand spanking new Model S while pulling out of the Tesla lot. At the time, we figured he was just a guy that experienced an unfortunate case of bad luck. After all, there have not been an alarmingly large number of Model S crashes in the US. But Wrecked Exotics recently snagged some photos of another brand new Model S that crashed 10 yards out from the owners driveway.

The crash was made by the owner's son, who wanted to take the new prized possession out for a spin. Possibly, he was not prepared for the amount of power that the Model S had to offer. The car was too much for him to handle as he drove the Model S into some neighboring trees causing about $30,000 worth of damage. Fortunately, the son was not harmed and he probably has a new found appreciation for EV sportscars. What could be alarming for the company is the two rapid acceleration crashes that happened in the span of a week. Could Tesla have a Toyota-like sudden acceleration problem on it's hands?

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