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Are Porsche 718 GTS Models Worth The Extra Money?

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How much difference does a touch more power and some chassis upgrades really make?

The GTS variants of the 718 Boxster and Cayman models have been a popular option for shoppers looking for a bit of exclusivity in their entry-level Porsche. Starting with the 911 Carrera models, the GTS trim option has now spread across Porsche's offerings.

This trim level sits one step above the S derivatives and comprises of some cherry-picked performance upgrades from the standard parts catalog as well as a few GTS-specific styling changes topped off with a touch more power.

In the case of the Cayman/Boxster duo, this means an additional 15 horsepower over the 350 hp S models for the 2.5-liter turbocharged flat-four engine. And, if you opt for the quick-shifting dual-clutch PDK, 60 mph arrives in 4.3-seconds.

That is a mere tenth quicker than the S models and Car and Driver found that there was very little to separate the two models in real-world acceleration tests too. The same applied to their skidpan and braking performance. The GTS variants do come standard with a lower ride height, Sport Chrono, adaptive dampers, 20-inch wheels and torque vectoring, all adding up to a markedly better performance around a race track.

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Detractors may say that they can just as easily spec a Cayman or Boxster S to GTS levels, but they would miss out on that dollop of extra power as well as the GTS-specific design touches such as the suede-look interior panels and those stunning black 20-inch wheels.

Add to that the fact that doing it yourself will actually cost you more and the GTS trim looks like rather good value indeed. If what you want is true exclusivity and a serious power hike, then it may be worth waiting for the upcoming GT4, the rumored return of flat-six power is sure to excite fans who still can't come to terms with the quick yet somewhat characterless turbo flat-fours.