Are The Chinese Planning To Buy Lotus?


Let the rumors begin.

Lotus hasn’t had the easiest past few years, but current CEO Jean-Marc Gales has been doing an excellent job of getting the iconic British sports car company back on track. The Evora 400 will soon arrive in the US market, and we’ve been told other new models, also destined for the US, are in the works as well. In the meantime, more special additions of the Elise and Exige are expected for overseas buyers. But according to a new report from Road & Track, Lotus may have a new suitor.

But first things first, some brief background: since 1996, Lotus has been owned by Malaysian-based Proton. R&T is now claiming that Chinese automaker Geely is supposedly interested in buying Lotus. If you recall, Geely bought Volvo from Ford several years ago and it also recently launched a new brand called Lynk, a ride sharing company. Geely also previously bought The London Taxi Company. Point being is that Geely is aggressive and has a thing for European car brands. So why is Geely supposedly interested in Lotus? Because it has the money and Proton doesn’t. Lotus is in desperate need of development cash to replace its aging lightweight platform, for starters.

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New and more fuel efficient engines will also be required in the coming years as well along with a whole bunch of other new technologies. Acquiring a prestigious brand like Lotus, especially for a good price considering Proton likely needs the cash, is an opportunity Geely can’t afford to miss. For the moment, Lotus isn't commenting on the report but we're sure this isn't the last we'll be hearing about this subject.