Are The French Planning To Take Over America's Roads?

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First Renault and now Citroen.

It would appear as if French automakers are planning on returning to America's roads in grand fashion. First it was Renault with the new Alpine sports car and now Citroen is planning its return to the States. But don't for one second think that Citroen has some half-baked plan for its return to the good ol' Red, White and Blue, because the French automaker is planning on bringing its chic models over. Before being split into a separate sub-brand, DS used to stand for its luxurious cars and Citroen is on its way to introducing six new models.

Of the six new cars coming out by 2020, rumors indicate that at least two of the cars will be crossovers and at least one will be powered by electricity. DS is already sold in China and several South American territories, but a return to the US would be radical as Citroen has not been available in the US since Peugeot pulled out in 1991. While a return to the US won't happen any time soon, the brand will have to expand to meet its targets. "It's not on the agenda today, but we may come to it," stated DS's development boss Eric Opode. "We proposed a strategy to be in the top 200 cities in the world, and that is what we are following. Wherever there is a premium market we want to be, so in the future we will clearly be targeting those cities."

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According to Opode, the plan to turn DS into a premium brand with its own identity, distinct from either Citroen or Peugeot, will take some time. "Since starting DS one-and-a-half years ago we have made great progress, Opode stated, "but we are not prepared to talk about volume. We have no crazy ambitions, we want to stabilize the brand step by step, to create a robust brand with a robust foundation. We will not be a volume brand." There you have it. France is planning a comeback to the US, but in a very limited run.

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