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Are the New Toyotas Sexier than Ever?


Or just more of the same old drab?

It seems like Toyota has finally figured out that car buyers don’t all want bland, realizing that injecting a little personality into its lineup is not a bad thing. In fact, it had to be done because when Hyundai and Kia suddenly become design power houses, it was time to stop designing cars solely for the conservative type. To its credit, Toyota has been making solid efforts for sexier and more generally more attractive styling, inside and out. So let’s do a report card regarding its progress.

We’ve all seen the latest Corolla and Camry. A new Highlander has also been launched, and the current Avalon is a huge step forward from previous versions. Still not feeling the lineup doesn’t make the grade? There’s future hope and it’s called the FT-1 Concept. Then again, the first GT86 concept, the FT-86, looked better than the production version. Let’s hope Toyota stays true to the FT-1 if it does in fact preview a new Supra. But what do you all think? Has Toyota design improved lately or is it as bland as ever?

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