Are The Shelby 350GT And 350GTR The Hottest Set Of Twins Ever?


This video would seem to suggest that.

For the longest time, Ford stayed mum regarding the 2015 Shelby GT350 and GT350R. We knew that the cars existed but not how powerful they'd be or what they sounded like when roaring around the track. Thankfully all that has changed, and if this video is any indication then we should expect to see a lot more of Shelby's modified Mustangs from here on out. Said video is of the GT350 and GT350R on a scenic mountain track. There's no music, just the sweet sound of two 526-hp V8s running at full-bore.

Make sure you turn your headphones up when watching this video. Oh, also make sure to send it to any friends you might have who are obsessed with the new Camaro.

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