Are These Rolls-Royces An Eye Sore?

Or something that stands for luxury?

Rolls-Royce has always been at the top of the list for enthusiasts looking for luxury, but the automaker has recently made a major deviation from understated luxury to flashy, in-your-face luxury. Take the brand’s latest special editions for example. The Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe Tiger and Ghost Golf Edition debuted at the 2015 Dubai Motor Show and are arguably the flashiest special editions we’ve ever seen from the automaker. Like its name implies, the Phantom Coupe Tiger gets its inspiration from the ferocious animal.

The Phantom Coupe Tiger is finished in a two-tone paint job that includes Burnt Orange and Arizona Sun, which is highlighted by a Tiger motif twin coach line. The inside of the luxury vehicle is finished tan and seashell colored leather with hand-stitched Tiger motifs on the seat headrests. To really set this Phantom apart from others, there are Maccasser Ebony Veneers and Bespoke Tiger Phantom tread plates, as well as Moccasin Lambswool floor mats. The Phantom Coupe Tiger doesn't really look like it's based off an animal, but it's something that we can get behind. A special vehicle that's based off of a ferocious animal is cool, but a vehicle that is meant to portray the game of Golf is ridiculous.

The second model—the Ghost Golf Edition—also has a two-tone paint job, but features Brooklands Green and Desert Dune colors. According to the automaker, the Golf Edition is designed to portray the local golf courses. The interior of the Golf Edition is finished in Pine Green, Creme Light and Hotspur Red leather upholstery. Other custom touches include rear picnic tables, wooden inserts and veneers, lambswool floor mats, along with door pockets lined in tartan.

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