Are These Supercar Desks The Ultimate Must-Have Car Guy Accessory?

Of course they are.

Compared to the limited-edition Bugatti desk by design firm Luzzo created a few years ago, this latest effort from Polish outfit Design Epicentrum actually looks like a Bugatti. It also appears to be catered towards a different type of clientele. While the first effort came priced at $240,000, sporting state-of-the-art drawers, a retracting monitor built into the desk and covered in billet aluminum, this is essentially a desk with the front-end of a Veyron attached to it.

Nonetheless it is very cool, and something anyone with a man cave should own. Without saying the design is inspired by the French hypercar, instead calling it a “unique racing desk,” all that’s missing is the red Bugatti badge. There’s also a couple of Lamborghini-inspired writing tables for your consideration. But you’ll have to contact the firm directly for an idea of how much these awesome car accessories will set you back.

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