Are These the 10 Best Cars for Short People?

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After all, it helps to be able to reach the gas and brake.

Yesterday we published a list of Consumer Reports 10 best cars for tall people based on their own testing parameters. Many of you agreed with their findings. Others didn't. But whatever our personal opinions are regarding what's comfortable or not for tall drivers, at least CR is taking the issue seriously. They want drivers to feel secure behind the wheel (and to be able to effectively reach the clutch). And now comes CR's 10 best cars to drive for short people.

Like the previous list, CR tested vehicles according to seat comfort, driving position, access and the view out. Their shortest tester is 5 feet 1 inch. Again, these are CR's own findings and opinions. Yours may differ but for those who are vertically challenged, the following list may come in handy: Subaru Forester Honda Accord Lexus LS Lexus ES Acura RLX Mercedes-Benz S550 Nissan Maxima Honda Odyssey Subaru Outback BMW 7 Series

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