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Are These The 10 Best Cars Made In America Today?


Most people could care less where their car is manufactured, but it isn’t at all uncommon for car buyers to purposely want a vehicle built in America. And for these patriotic few, there are fortunately several cars, trucks, and crossovers/SUVs to pick from these days. Honestly, many people would be amazed to discover their American brand car’s final assembly location is outside of the US, in places like Japan, Mexico or even Canada. So which American-made cars are good, safe, and reliable buys?

Consumer Reports has picked out its top ten choices. So go ahead and debate these all you’d like. And don’t worry, not everything here is a Honda or Toyota. Chevrolet Corvette Chevrolet Traverse Acura MDX Toyota Highlander Honda Accord Toyota Camry Chevrolet Impala Toyota Avalon Honda Odyssey Tesla Model S

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