Are These The 10 Best Cars Of The Year?

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There are some surprises on the list.

Consumers are always looking for the best product to buy and cars are no different. While enthusiasts have their own idea of what constitutes being the "best," Consumer Reports' list always picks out the best cars for every type of enthusiast, whether that means getting into a truck, sedan, or even a SUV. To qualify as one of the "best" for Consumer Reports, each model must rank at or near the top of its class in the outlet's road-test score. The vehicles must also meet strict reliability, safety and owner satisfaction guidelines.

The Top 10 Picks of 2016 include: Honda Fit for best subcompact car, Subaru Impreza for best compact car, Toyota Camry for best midsized car, Subaru Forester for best small SUV, Lexus RX for best luxury SUV, Mazda MX-5 Miata for best sports car under $40K, Chevrolet Impala for best large car, Kia Sorento for best midsized SUV, Ford F-150 for best pickup truck, and Toyota Sienna for best minivan. We can't attest to the other vehicles on the list, but the MX-5 Miata deserves to be on any enthusiast's top 10 list of sports cars.

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