Are These The First Images Of The Successor To The Ferrari LaFerrari?


A sequel of sorts to the Ferrari LaFerrari could debut in 2017.

The Ferrari LaFerrari may soon be getting a successor of sorts. These images were first posted to the VWVortex forum by user aladis. Carscoops was tipped off to them and did some digging. This digging led the site to learn that Ferrari had applied for patents on these designs back in August of 2016. Now the real question becomes, just what car are these images of? A completely new supercar? A special edition model based on the hybrid Ferrari hypercar, a la the J50 which was inspired by the 488 Spider's design?

Hell, some people are even wondering if this could be Maserati's next supercar. That last guess seems like a bit of a longshot to us. Given the similarities between these patent images and the LaFerrari our guess is that the Italian automaker is having its Special Projects division create a new one-off or limited-run model based on the LaFerrari. The folks over there are responsible for the aforementioned J50 as well as the one-off SP 275 RW Competizione we drove a few weeks ago. This seems to be the most logical explanation given that Ferrari wouldn't follow up such an iconic model with a near-identical successor. OK, the car seen here isn't exactly identical to the LaFerrari. There are several major differences between the two.

The supercar in these patent images has two massive air intakes up front and the small lip between the upper and lower grilles makes the car look as though it's smirking. The weaving bodywork looks to be perfectly optimized for aerodynamics, or at least that's what the designers appear to be going for. It also seems like there could be a stacked quad exhaust. Regardless of what this car ends up becoming one thing is for sure: Ferrari isn't done unveiling superfast models in 2017.

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