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Are These The Future Of Wheels?


Depends who you ask.

Vitesse | AuDessus is a firm based in Maryland you may recall recently revealed plans to offer carbon-fiber bodies for supercars. Owners of LaFerraris, Veyrons and Aventadors were welcome to unload up to $200,000 for the privilege of a full carbon-fiber body kit, and it appears they will also have the option of a matching set of rims. Lightweight and gorgeous to look at, the wheels begin life as sheets of carbon fiber that have been pre-impregnated with resin. These are then hand-laid into an aluminum mold and hardened in an autoclave.

The wheels weigh around 13 pounds a pop, with orders taking up to four weeks to complete. OEM replacements start from $8,875, while bespoke rims are priced from $10,125 per wheel. Ford will begin mass-producing carbon-fiber wheels for the Mustang Shelby GT350R, but given the expense and time it takes to create, carbon-fiber rims will remain exclusive to cars at the high end of the market.

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