Are These The New Top Gear Hosts?

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If so, will they even be accepted by the faithful?

With Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May definitely not returning to Top Gear, the BBC is anxious to get the show back on the air with new hosts. Speculation has been mounting as to whom the new chosen three will be, but it appears the network is close to making a deal. According to the UK's Sunday Express, the BBC wants to sign actor Phillip Glenister, Classic Car Show's Jodie Kidd, and Channel 4 presenter Guy Martin. Along with the new hosts, Top Gear will also need a new executive producer since the show's co-creator, Andy Wilman, has also moved on.


Whether it's these three who end up as the new hosts or not, the BBC wants to get Top Gear back on the air by next spring sometime. As for Clarkson, Hammond, and May (and Wilman for that matter), all four are keeping quiet regarding their next move. But what do you think of these rumored new hosts? Let us know in the comments ahead.

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