Are These The Qualifications Needed To Order A New Ford GT?

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It's not enough to just have a crap ton of cash.

Ford is gearing up for the release of its new supercar, the GT. Only 250 will be available and each one is meant to go to a Ford fanatic who will actually drive the car. How will Ford ensure that everyone who purchases a GT is doing so with good intentions, as in they won't quickly flip it or hide it away in a storage facility? Will there be some type of vetting process to ensure that future owners are awesome gearheads? The Detroit News has the info, and it involves an online application process set to go live this month. Here's what it's rumored to consist of.

One part will apparently include a legal document that forbids the owner from selling the GT for a set amount of time. This should help weed out those trying to make a quick buck by reselling the supercar. Other questions will include how many other Fords you've owned and how often the applicant plans to drive the vehicle. Social media influence (as in followers and fans) will also be taken into account. Basically, the automaker wants the cars in the hands of people who will show them off, both on the street and online. It seems like a given that owners of the previous GT will be receive a first crack at the new model which is more than fair. Hopefully Ford's application process helps it select a fanatical batch of first owners.

The last thing anyone wants is to see a GT listed for sale months after its release or to only see a small amount of the ones sold at the track/on the road. Yes, you should be able to do whatever you want with something you paid for but the world is better off with the max amount of Ford GTs running loose.

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