Are These The Top 10 Affordable Performance Cars For Your Money?

Top 10

These won’t cost you an arm and a leg, which is good.

As enthusiasts,we’re always on the lookout for vehicles that offer an amazing blend ofperformance and usability. Yes, everyone wants a Ferrari, but when it comes to the real world there’s a reason why you don't seethem on the road every day. But these cars, they're some of the best when itcomes to getting usable performance for the road and, when properly modified,the track as well. PopularMechanics came up with the majority of the list and we added some of our favoriteoptions as well.

For usableperformance at an affordable price, here’s the list of cars you should checkout: Fiesta ST, Subaru WRX, Nissan 240SX, Honda Civic Si, Porsche Boxster,Dodge Neon SRT-4, Mazda Miata, Ford Mustang, Golf GTI and Chevrolet Camaro. Most of thesecars can be found used in various conditions and will provide you with anendless amount of fun for a third of the price of high-end models.

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The original list from Popular Mechanics sided with the BMW 330i and Toyota MR2 instead of the Ford Mustang and Golf GTI. Tell us in the comments below if you think there’s a vehicle we missed or one that should be on the list. Be sure to let us know which list you think is better, too.