Are These The Top 5 Car Colors Of All Time?

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This could well be the greatest car color palette ever created.

Over the past several weeks, we have been going through our picks of the best colors from a range of manufacturers. In order to wrap up the series on paint colors, we decided to put together a list of our favorite paint colors of all time. These colors have been chosen based simply on how much we love them, so polls and science go out the window. Remember, we are focusing on the colors themselves, not the cars that they are applied to. Do you agree with the selection, or did we miss a color out?

The first supercar I ever saw was a yellow Lamborghini. Ever since then, I have thought of yellow as the signature color for Lamborghini, like red is for Ferrari. Lamborghini has created dozens of yellow hues over the years, all of which have awesome, Italian names, with "Giallo" followed by something cool. Favorites include Giallo Midas, and the more recent Giallo Maggio. Either way, if I ordered a Lamborghini, it would have to be yellow.

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British Racing Green is so iconic that any time we see a dark green car, we immediately think of the British. Back when countries actually had a racing color in the early 1900s, Britain was forced to pick green because red, white and blue had been taken by the US, Germany and France. Motor racing was illegal in the UK at the time, so the race was held in Ireland. In order to thank the Irish hosts of the race, the cars were painted green. I can't think of any other color that represents one country so well. The massive success of Bentley and Jaguar at LeMans helped solidify dark green as the perfect color for any British-built car. Even other companies like BMW have offered the color as a paint-to-sample.


Nardo Grey is a recent color from Audi that I absolutely love. When Audi first came out with the RS7, it was available in the lovely Suzuka Grey. I didn't think Audi could ever top it, but shortly after Audi blew us all away again. Nardo Grey is typically reserved for Audi's hardcore RS models like the RS7 and the new TT RS. However, the color has become so popular that it is being applied to everything from BMWs to Porsches and McLarens. Ford has even come out with a similar color that it calls Avalanche Grey. This flat color stands out without being too ostentatious. Nardo Grey is definitely Audi's finest.

Sometimes with colors, less is more. Bright, vibrant colors look amazing on "run-of-the-mill" supercars, but multi-million dollar hypercars need something a little different to stand out. This is a bit of a technicality, but I think that one of the best paint jobs is to have no paint at all. Don't worry, I'll explain. The first time I ever saw a Koenigsegg in person, it was finished in bare carbon fiber. Without any paint, you can see the amazing craftsmanship of the hand-woven carbon fiber. When something looks so beautiful, why cover it up and add weight with a paint job? If a car has a full carbon fiber body, seeing the weave exposed with just a clear gloss finish is simply mesmerizing.

Rivera Blue is a Porsche color that has also become an option for Audi. Considering that Volkswagen owns Audi and Porsche, this is no surprise. This shade of blue is extremely popular, even Porschephile Jerry Seinfeld owns a 993 911 in this gorgeous hue. Porsche has a new simialr shade called Miami Blue, but nothing can match the stunning beauty of this unique paint color. Did you agree with the list? Colors are extremely subjective so be sure to post in the comments what your favorite color of all time is.

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