Are These Two Ferrari LaFerraris Worth $22 Million?

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Seems a little steep, don't you think?

We've seen some silly numbers thrown around for the delicious Ferrari LaFerrari, but surely even the cream of Maranello's crop isn't worthy of an eight-figure price tag. Currently for sale on Germany's online car marketplace,, are two LaFerraris with absurd prices. The first, finished in red with a black roof, is located at a dealership in Luxembourg, which for some inexplicable reason wants 10,000,000 Euros for the car.

With just 1,700 km on the clock it's a low mileage example, but we're stumped as to why the dealer thinks this particular example is worth five times that of an already overpriced LaFerrari. The second, on sale with Joe Macari in London, is priced at just one Euro less, carrying a price tag of 9,999,999 Euros. Finished in white (Bianco) with a black (Nero) interior and a few carbon-fiber elements, this boasts an even lower mileage, with just 210 km on the clock. So, that's a combined 19,999,999 Euros, which is just under $22 million at today's rates. At the end of last year, a one-off Ferrari sold for a massive $7 million, making it the most valuable car made this century to ever sell at auction.

There was a reason it went for nearly five times the car's original asking price. Remember, Ferrari made just 499 units of the LaFerrari to begin with. But following the devastating earthquake in Italy last year it decided to build one more and donate the money from the sale to charity. We have absolutely no idea what makes these dealerships think their LaFerraris are worth more than that and we'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

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