Are We Crazy, Or Is A Used Taurus SHO The Steal of The Century?


Even the Lincoln MKS might be a huge steal on the used market.

The Ford Taurus SHO and its luxury twin, the Lincoln MKS, weren't exactly hot sellers. Lincoln will soon replace the MKS with the Continental, but before it does, let's talk about these two cars. The Taurus SHO and MKS share a 3.5-liter twin turbocharged V6 making 365 horsepower going to AWD. These cars may be heavy at over 4,200 pounds, but this engine is pretty potent. You can even take your car to Hennessey who can up it to 445 hp. With the upgrade, the SHO can hit 60 mph in 4.3 seconds and complete the quarter mile in 12.8 seconds.

That is serious performance in a very discrete car. Talk about a sleeper car! We like to look at cars that didn't make sense when they were new, but may be a steal on the used market. We took a look at a few used Taurus SHOs and MKS EcoBoosts and were amazed at how cheap they are. For less than $20,000, you can find a plethora of 2010-2013 models with various mileage counts. Do enough digging, and you can easily find an early model for close to $15,000. For that amount of money, you are getting a ton of car. These two may not be the sportiest cars to drive, but they are both pretty quick. They also come with a ton options for something at this price. These two cars are used bargains.


Both the SHO and the MKS come with handy features like push button start, heated and ventilated seats, and navigation. Try buying a BMW with all of these features and more than 300 horsepower and see how much it costs. These cars are also easily large enough for a family and will be good in snowy climates thanks to the AWD. They may not have been the best options when they were new, but used values are so low that they might be a very smart purchase today. Are we crazy, or for $15,000 do the MKS and Taurus SHO finally make some sense?

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